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Jäsenkirje 4/2017

Oheisessa jäsenkirjeessä ajankohtaista asiaa Omakotiliiton jäsenyhdistysten jäsenille. Lue jäsenkirje tästä (pdf).


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Membership and Benefits

-    Omakoti magazine delivered at your house four times a year.
-    Free legal, building, energy and garden advice by telephone
-    Extending local services of House Janitors
-    Discounts on electricity (ask for current deals)
-    Local discounts on heating oil (Teboil)
-    Discounts on insurances (If), rental equipment (Ramirent), cruises (Viking Line)
-    Discount on entrance fee to Oma Koti Exhibition (2 for the price of 1)
-    Benefits from local service provides and shops by showing your membership card

Membership fee is typically about 25 € annually, depending on the local organization.  

Please join by sending your name and address by e-mail to toimisto@omakotiliitto.fi
or by phoning 09-680 3710